AAPI Month Deals

It's AAPI heritgae month and we got some deals baybee!

Get you a bag of our super exclusive and delicious Vietnam Da Lot coffee for a discounted price! This microlot is an Arabica that has gone through a Carbonic Massceration proccess to give the already tasty coffee a deeper layer of complexity.

We get notes of Root Beer, Walnuts and Peanut M&M's from this delicous coffee!


Let's Make Coffee Fun!

We’re a small, independently owned coffee roasting company based in Seattle, Washington—one of the best cities for coffee!

Tanuki Coffee was born out of wanting a cute, approachable source for coffee that also aims to pay farmers properly for their hard work.

Finally, Tanuki Coffee wants to make coffee that can be used in your daily ritual. A moment to focus on the task at hand, use your senses and reward you with a delicious cup.