Say hello to our first blend!

We've spent time working to create a delicious blended coffee perfect for any time of the day. The goal was to create a cup with enough familiar chocolatey notes for your first cup of the day as well as the fruity, tea like notes for an end of the day pick me up.

Saisho contains 50% Guatemala St. Palencia and 50% Ehtiopia Sidamo.

Let's Make Coffee Fun!

We're a small, independently owned coffee roasting company based in Seattle, Washington— one of the best cities for coffee!

Tanuki was born out of wanting a cute, approachable source for coffee that also aims to pay farmers properly for their hard work.

Finally, Tanuki wants to make coffee that can be used in your daily ritual. A moment to focus on the task at hand, use your senses and reward you with a delicious cup.