About Tanuki Coffee Roasters

Justin on a Pacific Northwest Beach holding coffee

About Justin

Hi I'm Justin Inahara, Owner of Tanuki Coffee Roasters. I started my coffee journey in 2012 in Oregon as a barista for a local cafe. After moving to Seattle I landed at Broadcast Coffee Roasters and ended up working production for the roaster. Slowly learning the craft of roasting, I purchased my first bag of green coffee in Fall of 2021 and have been building up since.

Spending time working in the coffee industry in so many different positions has given me such an appreciation for the product. With the amount of time, energy, and skill it takes to grow coffee, I want to make sure the coffee for Tanuki Coffee is treated with respect and roasted to its most delicious moment.

Small business ownership has also been a big part of my family history. Both sets of grandparents were entrepreneurs and took care of their family through their hard work. Tanuki Coffee is a dream of mine to provide for my family, and to build community that is warm and friendly.

A real life tanuki and a traditional tanuki statueWhat is a tanuki?

The tanuki is a Japanese raccoon dog (not a raccoon and not a dog!). They are known in Japanese mythology for being mischievous little creatures who play tricks on humans, but also bring good luck.

Part of my family comes from Japan and so I wanted to name my company something that could connect back to my heritage. Also tanukis are just plain cute! I love supporting other Asian-American businesses and love to have Tanuki Coffee as part of the community.


All tanukis are designed by my wife Miko, and change seasonally!

Collect 'em all!