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Tanuki Coffee Roasters

Vietnam Da Lot

Vietnam Da Lot


Introducing our first coffee from Asia!


Coming from Vietnam this coffee is something special for coffee lovers! Limited to 7 bags world wide, we've got our hands on 2 of them.

Most coffee exported from Vietnam is Robusta but this is an Arabica, the usual suspect for specialty coffee. To take it another step further, it has been given an unusual fermentation treatment from the wine world called Carbonic Maceration.

"The current definition of carbonic maceration in coffee refers to whole cherries sealed in a container with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) actively pumped into it. CO2 creates pressure and pushes oxygen (O2) out, resulting in an anaerobic environment. CO2 is thought to favor a different metabolic force than open-air fermentation, and also may reduce oxidation of fruit and seed tissues.” 

Simply put, this whole process gives the coffee seeds more sweetness with a technique tested in the wine world for many years.

notes of Root beer, walnuts, and peanut M&Ms. Roasted medium, this coffee gives enough sweetness and roasty notes to stand alone or with a bit of milk.

*Limited Edition*

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